VOIP Services

Hosted Voice services for your business.


VOIP Services

Service Description

Traditional phone systems are not only costly to set up and maintain, but can also inhibit businesses from growing and reaching their full potential.  VoIP services offer affordability, flexibility, scalability, and a whole host of other benefits while providing the services and add-ons that businesses are accustomed to using with their existing phone solutions.


C2’s VoIP services are extremely cost-effective, offering businesses the ability to save up to 60% without sacrificing any of the advanced features they’ve become accustomed to using.  VoIP technology works through the Internet, allowing you to make and receive phone calls securely utilizing services you already pay for.  With VoIP services, you can forget about paying for costly equipment, maintenance, and upgrades.

No need to worry about contract terms or which package plan you should select.  C2’s VoIP services are completely customizable to the unique needs of your business, offering untethered VoIP phone system solutions for a low cost each month.


Solving for future growth or setbacks has never been simpler.  VoIP phone solutions can offer safeguards against whatever may lie ahead for your business – whether you’re opening a new office, relocating, hiring additional staff, adjusting for seasonality, or having to cut back temporarily.

Customized Features

You don’t have to trade the add-ons you enjoy with your current provider when you switch to VoIP services – in fact, you may have the opportunity to incorporate additional features.  Call recording, do not disturb, hold music, Mobile and Desktop Apps, and conference calling are just a handful of the features that C2 offers.