Data Recovery and Backups

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Data Recovery and Backups

Service Description
Protect Your Business From a Data Breach with C2 Technology Systems

It seems that every few weeks, another company around the world has been hacked by an outside source and had a data breach. Data breaches, no matter what industry you work in, can be fatal or highly damaging to your work and integrity. Preventing such breaches should be a priority for you and your organization.

C2 Technology Systems can help prevent data breaches. C2 is the product of years of experience in the IT world, bringing together expertise from around the country to provide you and your company IT solutions that will help your organization grow and prosper. In order to do so, C2 knows the importance of maintaining data and protecting it against actors who wish to steal and exploit it.

Disaster Recovery and Backup are a key services offered by C2. They provide hosted and dedicated disaster recovery platforms that keep your data at a secure facility while allowing you, and you alone, to access them. C2’s secure servers are constantly maintained and vigilantly surveilled in order to protect against outside intrusion.

Having those servers off-site as well ensures that you will always have a backup of your most important data. When a disaster occurs at your work, whether that is the result of a breach or an accident you can rest assured that your data is maintained at another facility, run by IT experts who are making sure that the data is safe and secure. This takes the worry off of your mind and allows you to focus on building your company.

Being Prepared Before a Breach Occurs

C2’s primary philosophy, though, is to make sure that you never have to experience the pains of a data breach or disaster. By constantly staying in touch with and working to find solutions that work for your company through its consultation services, C2 will make sure that your company is prepared for anything that can occur.

If you are operating a company or a company’s IT department and want to make sure that any data you need to operate effectively is maintained, contact C2 Technology Systems. We will provide the solutions and expertise to make sure that your data remains in safe hands.

Data Backups

Finally, your data backup solution should be kept secure, so you don’t have to worry about it. C2’s data center is off-site, so even if problems should hit our own offices, you can rest assured that your data is safe and can be easily accessed at any time. We archive data on a scheduled basis, which provides a static, up-to-date copy of all important files. We can also monitor your local backup to make sure that you are covering all of your bases. We can help protect your data in other ways, too. Just ask how you can customize your experience with C2 Data Backup.

Whether you want us to monitor your own systems, provide a customized data protection service, or anything in between, you will find that your data is safe with us. Finding the right data protection or disaster recovery solution for your business has never been easier. Contact C2 Technology Systems today to find out how we can best serve the data that is important to your business.