System Integration Services

Systems Integration Services

Systems Integration Services is the answer to a cost effective and scalable solution.

A company IT/MIS infrastructure is made up of many integrated components, procedures, operational plans and systems. Often, good companies have great plans and procedures but no system for executing them or supporting them especially companies that have invested heavily in Information Technology [IT]. C2 Technology Systems Integration model solves this and injects flexibility into existing and new designs. SIS uses modules at every level within an IT/MIS infrastructure to provide for rapid and effective responses to changing operating environments and or new business opportunities without focusing too heavily on how, SIS allows supported companies to always says yes to their clients. In this context, C2 Technology Systems functions as a highly effective business accelerant.

In most cases, large investments in IT are assumed to provide for more than sufficient systems to support business operations. Regretfully, this is almost always untrue. Most often, systems do not directly underwrite business plans, or do not work as envisioned by business owners.

C2 Technology Systems provides full business process management solutions. We use Best of Breed technologies and proven operational techniques to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of fully integrated business infrastructure. Our full service SIS solutions include everything from provisioning bandwidth to simple application trouble shooting and integration and support for all systems, processes and people along multiple parallel paths. We offer many solutions and different combinations of solutions, depending on business needs where each is customized according to each business and its users. We offer solutions for companies ranging from the installation of equipment at their site(s); full service routing, and switching, to servers and workstations. Our solutions may be as easy to implement and cost effective as equipment hosted in our data center, the co-location of equipment, or that which is installed at one or more of a company's sites. In each scenario, our solutions may be fully managed and maintained by our people, or according to any level of service agreement required. In every instance we take complete ownership of the solutions we design and implement we are there everyday, not just the day of the sale. It is most important to us that our customers be free to imagine and aspire and our goal is to bring that which they want online and under budget.

While it may be difficult to believe, it is no less true, C2 Technology Systems has a 100% success rate; our designs work and they are built to help companies and people create more success. This is result of SIS's impact on all of our supported businesses and their people.