Information for Interns

C2 Technology Systems is a full service technology provider with a central focus on seeking and finding solutions, which "DO" more, and cost less. From planning, to circuit ordering and turn-up, to network communications and integration, to building the unifying software tools, which make it all work, C2 Technology Systems is there with experts and a long history of success. We specialize in enabling the total process, serving not as consultants, or technicians, but as partners willing to invest in the growth of our clients' businesses. If any of the following is true of you and your business, then C2 Technology Systems is for you ; we look forward to helping you grow your business and improve the quality of life and work for you and your staff. C2 Technology Systems offers internship opportunities to like minded, hard working, ambitious people. These internships provide invaluable knowledge that will give the recipients a competitive advantage in the market place.

Interns with C2 Technology Systems gain invaluable information, skills, and real world experience that can not be learned in a classroom. Interns learn from experienced, talented and skilled individuals. Interns will not only learn technical skills, but also fundamental business skills and the ability to take business requirements and let those drive the solutions we develop and deploy.

Our training model is simple. We Task, Supervise, and Inspect. The process of tasking includes presenting the intern with the business case. The process of supervising is giving the intern guidance. The term guidance does not mean "providing a one to one scale map" as we would say. Guidance is providing the intern with the resources he or she will need to satisfy requirements. The process of inspecting is to make certain all aspects of the business requirement have been met, and to help the intern understand where they might have been more efficient in meeting the requirement.

Interns at C2 Technology Systems are treated differently than interns at other companies. Interns at C2 Technology Systems are treated as valuable members of the team. Ideas presented by interns at C2 Technology Systems are not ignored. We always believe that there is more that we can learn, and a person's age or lack of experience does not mean that they do not have something valuable to contribute. Interns at C2 Technology Systems do not spend their days performing menial tasks such as filing papers or making photo copies. Interns may perform some of these tasks, but no more than anyone else, and only as an exercise to learn that no task is insignificant.

Interning with C2 Technology Systems is a great and rewarding experience!

If you are interested in interning with C2 Technology Systems please contact our staff.