Company Profile

Company Profile

C2 Technology Systems is a Full Service Provider with a central focus on seeking and finding solutions, which "DO" more, and cost less. From planning, to circuit ordering and turn-up, to network communications and integration, to building the unifying software tools, which make it all work, C2 Technology Systems is there with experts and a long history of success.

We specialize in enabling the total process, serving not as consultants, or technicians, but as partners willing to invest in the growth of our clients' businesses.

Our products allow people to drive the business process by unifying messaging and email, organizing company and inter/intra team communications, aggregating disparate data and messaging stores, and enabling trans-net collaboration - all while allowing company staff to work normally, using the same tools they are so familiar with.

Large or small, no matter the business, or profession, our solutions work, and provide for an unparalleled level of instant personal and collective communications, which provide a view of your business, clients, and your staff in ways and in detail you never thought possible - all from one tightly integrated environment!

To provide powerful "unified" operating environments, Messaging, Collaboration and Extranet Design and Hosting, which integrate both systems and enterprise engineering - fully enabling the "System Integration Services Model."

C2 Technology Systems delivers the very best products and services with the tightest and most efficient integration to provide for the greatest benefit and value to your business and personal needs.